Robert Kimmerle
executive branch in a nation of one

Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Hi, I'm Rob, and this is my blog, because I'm lousy at maintaining websites and too lazy to keep a journal. By way of introduction, I'm a long-life New Jersey resident, and spent most of my life becoming ridiculously well educated. I've since returned to New Jersey, at present Boonton to be exact, where I'm gainfully employed as a financial analyst. My interests include reading, baseball, good music in all its forms, and a few transient hobbies (recently Boontonware and neodymium glass). I have no pets and a slowly-dying plant on my desk at work. My drug of choice is Bacardi and coke. I've spent a total of twelve hours on the continent of Africa, and dreamed exactly once in Russian.

I'll be posting as the spirit moves me; give me a shout if something strikes your fancy.

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