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Monday, September 02, 2002
Video action: the now-infamous clip of Izzy Alcantara, then of the Pawtucket Red Sox, wiping out the catcher with a headkick after a pitch inside and then rushing the mound. (Clip from, .avi format, 1.6Mb.) This miscreant now plays for the Brewers, pet team (yadda yadda, blind trust, I know all about it) of Bud Selig, steward (snicker) of the national pastime.

(As for the last link above, I'm a big fan of Baseball Prospectus, and of Doug Pappas' work generally.)

Also, a streaming clip (56k or 300k versions) of Jeremy Shockey's preseason rumble of death against the Texans. I could do without the music, and has this weird policy about streaming video during games, so these links won't always work, but it's righteous to behold.

Wanted: a copy (format no object) of the Martha Stewart Early Show cabbage massacre.

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