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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
I've been reading The War Against Silence for a few years now; it's basically an ongoing philosophical discourse disguised as a weekly music-review column, and probably my favorite website anywhere. I find that the intersection of glenn mcdonald's tastes and my own is fairly small, but his arguments for what he likes tend to be compelling in their own way, and watching him meander through his chosen topic to get down to actually reviewing records is fascinating and occasionally hysterical. Anyhow, the next-to-most-recent issue of TWAS takes the next step and reviews a record that hasn't been released. I'm wholly unaware of Patty Griffin's music, and I've never heard a majority of the albums that mcdonald reviews, which doesn't prevent the column from being interesting anyway, but a review of an album I couldn't hear if I wanted to (apart, of course, from the option of downloading it in shards) is delightfully perverse; it's the proverbial description of a rainbow to a blind person. The funniest part is the postscriptum, in which mcdonald discovers that the track order he's heard isn't the intended one but decides he likes his version of the album better anyway.

In unrelated news, my beautiful and now discontinued automobile has probably been totalled, and I will be seeking the representation of Vincent Gambini for my whiplash.

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