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Friday, October 04, 2002
Today was the first day of the grudge match between Vladimir Kramnik, world chess champion, and Deep Fritz, piece of software. Despite the '70s-era boxing-ubermatch name (not quite "Rumble in the Jungle", is it?) and commensurately outlandish hyperbole ("on the line: one million dollars and human dignity"), this is still interesting stuff. This is a reprise, of course, of the Kasparov-Deep Blue series. Since then, Kramnik nabbed Kasparov's title and Deep Fritz beat some other program in a challenge match; apparently Kasparov was depressed after being whipped by a snarl of silicon and hasn't recovered.

This is primarily interesting for two reasons: 1) it brings to mind the hysterical Moxy Fruvous riff about the first match, and 2) Kramnik's approach to the match is precisely the opposite of Kasparov's: rather than trying to out-think the computer, he intends to deliberately confuse it with unorthodox moves.

A very good background of the match appeared on Wired's site last month; today's first game, with the computer playing white, was a draw.

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