Robert Kimmerle
executive branch in a nation of one

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Well, the sun is out and the season of hibernation is over, and so it is here: time to reacquaint ourselves with some old friends, and make a new one or two. Plus I now have a car with a sunroof, and it's still usually light out when I drive home from work, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

As for this whole deal in Iraq, I'll mostly keep my opinions to myself; people far better informed than I are essentially blathering, anyhow, since there's little left to say. My only observation is that, wholly apart from the ghastly reality of actually going off to war, no one is really satisfied with how this is turned out. Basically the world is divided into people who think the whole UN/diplomacy thing was essentially a Kabuki that got in the way of accomplishing something productive for a change, and those who believe that any measure short of preemptive invasion was worth pursuing, and that this was a preordained and pig-headed outcome of bad-faith dealings with the world. As I say, I dunno.

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