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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
It's late, and I haven't posted in a while. I did write a post a few weeks ago about the new Yo La Tengo album, which hunts to kill in its own subtle gorgeous way, but most of it got borked when the downstairs neighbors started fucking with the circuit breakers in the house, and I haven't had the heart to reconstitute it since. I may yet. [Edit: I did, below.]

I'm 28 now, as of last week, and I guess it's one of those birthdays that doesn't really count as much of a milestone. I'm getting progressively grayer, and I have a vague awareness that 30 is approaching, but being 28 was no different from being 27. We'll see.

Other news: my brother accepted entrance at WashU, making him the third of his clan to do so, and making me very happy. On his visit he discovered that my old freshman dorm had been razed. Lots of changes. I'll have to go see for myself in the fall, when Bill's there and I can take him out for a beer (hee hee). My desk at work moved, which means I'll be busier short-term but also that I'll get a better stapler. I shit you not: the one I've been using is undeniably the worst piece of office equipment in North America. It's springtime here: intermittently chilly, rainy, and the Beechwood Sparks are keeping me company. Splendid.

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