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Friday, May 30, 2003
So I've been fighting a cold off for the past sixty-odd hours or so, and I'm currently at home for the evening, swilling liberally from a bottle of NyQuil, luminous verdant nectar of health. I will no doubt be asleep shortly, but for now I'm like a wounded giant, waiting for the poison to take effect.

I did call my ex-girlfriend in the midst of this, and in the course of the discussion made the always-startling discovery that she's started seeing someone else. Which is cool, and I'm very happy for her. And the best part is that I can say that and really honest-to-heavens mean it. Even so, for about a third of a second I got the visceral reaction every guy probably gets when hearing that particular morsel of news.

It passed, though.

More discoveries: I won a hardbound copy of Jay Cronley's "Good Vibes" on eBay for a price that looks awful but is in fact a hell of a bargain, given that it's pretty well sought after and deeply out of print. (Ending an auction at 10:30a on a Thursday morning is silly.) The book is the basis for the movie "Let It Ride" starring Richard Dreyfuss, which is an endlessly funny film and widely considered one of the great gambling movies ever made. Mr. Cronley, much like the esteemed newlywed Dr. Thompson (and there's a wicked pair of drinking buddies if I ever saw them), writes a column for; in this one he describes the genesis of the book and movie as a cycle of desperation borne of bad bets. Which makes all the sense in the world.

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