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Sunday, June 01, 2003
Feeling better, broadly speaking. Mystery of the day: what the hell time signature is "Pyramid Song" by Radiohead in? Clearly the pharmaceuticals aren't helping, but no one else seems to know, either. 11/8? 15/8? Cleverly phrased 8/8 or 16/16? A bunch of them at once? None at all? I have practically zero formal musical training, and nothing resembling the dexterity needed to actually play an instrument of any kind; I pride myself on being able to figure these things out, though. But listening for the drumbeat is no help at all, because the piano is doing something different, and by the end of the track the drummer is reduced to concluding every measure with fills in an effort to slow the steady erosion of his sanity. I swear I'm utterly hypnotized by this song.

An old favorite band has a pretty-well developed website, meanwhile, and the folks in the band actually show up on the message board to chat. Unlike the now-defunct Pavement page where they had a bot answer questions, and people got angry because for some inexplicable reason the members of Pavement weren't really sitting at their computers 24/7 to answer questions. Who knew?

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