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Friday, July 04, 2003
Um, holy shit. Actually, the wonder is that the whole of Stonington Borough didn't burst into flames; apparently a favorable (lack of) wind is to thank for that. Of course, the development plan for the mill was just underway, so who knows what that's going to mean.

At any rate the whole rest of the family was up there for the weekend; Dad and Bill were off on errands, but Mom was actually at the house, which means once the fire started she was effectively cut off from the rest of town. (Here's a pretty good aerial map of the borough. The mill complex is pretty obvious to spot on the left side, and the arterial road running up the left side of the peninsula is Water Street. Our house is south of the first cross street. Observe the scale; the whole of the map top-to-bottom is a leisurely eight-minute walk.) Mom responded by covering her face with a wet dishtowel and persuading a couple of neighbors to sail her around the borough and drop her in the main downtown area above Cannon Square, which is a pretty James Bond move as far as my mom goes. Less resourceful souls ended up getting evacuated above the square by more mundane methods.

Net result for us: No one hurt, thank god, and no direct damage to the house. No power, apparently no telephones (we did get a brief moment of worry when Dad called me asking if I'd heard from Mom; all the lines to the end of the point run through or past the mill, so phone services disappeared immediately). My folks ended up having to seek out alternate lodging, and Mom went looking to be compensated for her distress and inconvenience. Today they're going to back to the house (if they can; the fire's going to take a few days to burn itself out, and sections of the building that collapsed onto Water Street are now smoldering rubble) to grab clothes and empty the fridge and such; no one has any idea how long it'll be before the house is usable again.

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