Robert Kimmerle
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Monday, August 18, 2003
Back from a nice weekend up in the mountains. I've been vaguely depressed for a bit now, though, as I realize exactly how much I'm going to miss Bill when he takes off for college. He's leaving Wednesday, so we're doing the last-minute farewell thing tomorrow, but it's already sinking in, and not having him around will be miserable. He'll have a splendid time, of course, and the smart money figures he'll give up on architecture before his first year is out. The mid-American nostalgia circus will happen, too, sooner or whenever. Save me some fish.

Also, finally got hold of Jen, who's beginning to give off the impression of no longer wanting to have anything much to do with me; new boyfriend, maybe, but the chimeric staying-friends thing is becoming just that. Possibly I don't have any business expecting more, the whole break-up thing having been my idea, but it's disappointing all the same.

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