Robert Kimmerle
executive branch in a nation of one

Monday, August 25, 2003
End of month and long weekend approaching, so sloppy workweek ahead. Bill's out in St. Louis, preparing to matriculate at his suddenly highly ranked university, and having the ball we all expected. My sinister plot to visit Bill and coerce my friends to show up is probably pushed back to springtime, but I may yet tag along for parents' weekend.

I spent three days babysitting Mom while Dad was out helping Bill get organized; I was replaced by Katie, a immensely cute Yorkshire terrier about the size of a loaf of bread. My parents are, by any available measure, the worst pet owners in North America, so I have my reservations about the durability of this thing, but we'll see. Dad is also attempting to teach me how to fly fish, this being along with the obligatory academic post a sign of impending semi-retirement, but it requires reservoirs of patience that I really don't have, and in practice-casting in the backyard I managed to snark myself across the face with the line a couple of times. I am not optimistic.

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