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Sunday, September 07, 2003
I had my first moment of missing Bill this weekend, while scanning the movie listings: "Gee, that looks fun, I'll just call Bill up and ..." nope, there it is, it's sunk in again. He's going through the standard turmoil and excitement of early college, meanwhile, and it's wonderful to watch, although tracking him down is exactly as hard as it should be.

One more very positive sign that I'm becoming an old bastard: I've put in an offer on a nearby condo, in a converted school building. It's pretty slick, even if the loft bedroom was built by hobbits looking for a bit of an aerial view. Considering we picked up on the listing just yesterday, there's some kind of land-speed record at stake here, although the seller has apparently gone to bed now instead of responding to my countercounteroffer, so I get to wait instead. Fifty-one percent of me is really, really excited, but the vocal minority is scared shitless. Either way, buying beats the hell out of renting, though, so it's clearly the way to go. As my financial advisor, Marty is advising me to show up at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night to witness legendary haplessness, so that's an obvious answer, too.

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