Robert Kimmerle
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Saturday, October 04, 2003
Last weekend was a dizzy swirl: Bill came home for two days, overcoming a storm-delayed flight, and my parents moved into the new house, which nearly instantly changed colors. Cleaning out the remains of the old house and starting to make a home out of the new, however, took the rest of a long, savage weekend. By comparison work on Monday was a positive oasis of calm, despite the usual end-of-quarter turmoil.

Busy today in the chilly rain, too, and Marty showed up yesterday evening for small-scale bacchanalia, but tonight it's ideal for a night in. Baseball on television, an ad-hoc and strangely appealing bourguignon-sangria chicken concoction on the stove, basically the result of me remembering about half the recipe for coq au vin and making some semi-inspired improvisation moves after that. Plus a big, hearty book by one of my favorite authors, that I'd been waiting for but didn't realize was out. If you can't get deep into baseball, cooking, a good book, or whatever else floats your proverbial boat, then what's the point?

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