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Sunday, September 04, 2005
My token mp3-blog thingy goes to fluxblog, not because they're the best (they're not; sixeyes might be), but because of their VMA running diary:

8:16 Kanye West is bragging about paying for his own music video, seemingly oblivious to the fact that virtually every artist in the music industry does that!

8:47 Jessica Alba and Dwayne Wade (eschewing a crucifix for a dog tag) are here to bring out Shaquille O'Neal for no apparent reason. It's very hard to keep Alba and Shaq in the same frame.

Et cetera, et alia. Spotty, but by turns convulsive. Also, if you can find a copy of the Avalanches' Breezeblock set from December '01, do so; it circulates pretty freely. The first bit is astounding: they start by taking demonic possession of a forgotten Beach Boys track, transmuting it into crypto-disco and then (at 3:28 on the commonly available version, listen close) the tune crystallizes, passing through vapor trails, and it's really impressive, either on headphones or a good car stereo.

Enjoy the long weekend.

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