Robert Kimmerle
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
It's very late, and the weather's finally turned. The Mets are 4-1, despite Xavier Nady starting in right field and Aaron Heilman setting up in the bullpen. There may be only be two credible teams in the NL East, one of which has a bunch of children in the outfield and a closer with a moderate-to-severe case of the yips. Game on. :) Friday is our first trip of the year to the obsolete dogbowl of choice, and I'll be rocking the big number 5. We'll have grilled bratwurst, and I'll be in the company of legendary drunks. Can't beat that.

I spent much of this evening in municipal court as a star witness for the prosecution. It was fairly freakish.

Tickets for Memphis, Memorial Day weekend. Hide the women and children.

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